Roland isn't sure at first, but Zammo persuades him. Who is the actress who plays Tracey in Grange Hill? Helen and Imelda realized they went after the wrong vehicle and the one they did damage turned out to be Mr Glover's. However, Zammo's mum's cash card goes missing and she turns up at the school and tells Mrs McClusky she knows Zammo is going to have drugs on him. Gonch sees Mandy in a new light on the Isle of Wight trip. Roland hasn't turned up for his exam since Zammo took his alarm clock. Danny spots an error in the logo competition and offers to go round and fix the posters with a felt-tip. However, he falls into more trouble with Mr Bronson and cannot make it in time. Danny gets in trouble with Mr Bronson for throwing his School Report in the bin. Gonch discovers a foolproof way to make money. John Holmes (Gonch) 9. The audience wanted a refund, as they did not believe he had accomplished his task. It was a great role to have, at least when the storylines were strong (no, I do not include lost donkeys in that). Rumours spread about the death of Danny Kendall. Ziggy is not happy that Imelda has taken his tin of money (12) for Danny. Mr Griffiths gets another bucket over the head as Ziggy accidentally dislodges the ladder. Do you keep in touch with anyone from your time on Grange Hill? Ziggy and Rob make arrangements for Harriet's upkeep. Mr Bronson issues a notice to all pupils warning them against misinterpreting the rules, causing further animosity between pupils and staff. Ant waits until after the meeting and confronts Mr Bronson in front of Mr Glover, Mrs McClusky and Mr Baxter about his options and how Julia got hers passed and then storms off. Episode 10 Rumours spread about the death of Danny Kendall. Come on BBC - make it third time lucky for Den Watts, Rachels death has done the shows comeback no favours. Director Robert Gabriel Writers Phil Redmond (deviser) Margaret Simpson Stars John Alford Denise Bone Ruth Carraway See production, box office & company info Add to Watchlist Photos 15 Top cast Edit John Alford Robbie Wright 8.8 (16) Rate. Ziggy was just about to raid his cupboard when Mr Baxter points out Edinburgh is misspelt. He earned his osteopathic degree from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and is Board-certified in both Pain Management and Anesthesiology. Laura pins up an anti-smoking poster on the wall of the new portable classroom and she and Ant get in trouble. Episode 1 - Tegs brother comes home, Mr. Bronson's car breaks down, Danny Kendall gets off to a bad start and Clark's new paper round is beset with difficulties. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Episode #9.1. Cleaver locks the canteen door behind Hollo in retaliation for a ghost joke, trapping a group of people inside. Subterfuge is used to get Calley to do Mauler's French homework and the police raid Tegs's house. Subterfuge is used to get Calley to do Mauler's French homework and the police raid Tegs's house. Roland turns up to school out of breath and tells Mr Bronson someone stole his alarm clock. Mr Bronson is angry with Mr Baxter because he thinks he is using his deputy head position to improve sports resources. St. Josephs boys arrive for the fight, but Danny tells Mr Bronson that they are supporters who have come to smash the teacher's cars. Request Now. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It is the school cricket match. The ringleaders involved in the sit-in are punished by Mrs McCluskey who insists that the changes which the protest aimed to achieve were already under review for implementation next term, making the whole sit-in a pointless fiasco. Mr Kennedy wonders why Zammo needed the money so badly. Zammo and Jackie announce that they have decided to postpone their wedding. Jackie finds a packet of white powder hidden in his calculator. The tenth series of the British television drama series Grange Hill began broadcasting on 6 January 1987 before ending on 27 March 1987 on BBC One. We got on very well Im grateful to all of them for advice, encouragement, role modelling, occasional tellings off and quite a few laughs over the years. Imelda continues to cause trouble by smashing equipment in the science laboratory. Mr King asks Imelda about her letter to Rentokil apparently she asked if rat poison would work on humans! Mr Jones then says he is going to move Ant to another school. A few parents were a bit disapproving but generally he was regarded positively as the anti-hero hero. Vince's psychic powers continue to amaze Trevor Cleaver. Ziggy no longer wants to look after Harriet. An expert clinician with advanced training in sophisticated, non-surgical techniques, Dr. Kendall administers pain-relieving therapies that significantly improve quality of life. The first Neighbours character to cark it, she was an ex-stripper (heart of gold, natch) whod settled down with dependable Des Clarke. Julia finds out what is behind the plaster on Mr Bronson's neck-a parrot bite. Mrs Regan, Mr Scott and Mr Kennedy find out about Ant and have to send him home. Tegs brother comes home, Mr. Bronson's car breaks down, Danny Kendall gets off to a bad start and Clark's new paper round is beset with difficulties. The words viral cardiomyopathy are ingrained on my soul. Imelda causes trouble by cutting Vince's tie. Danny tells Miss Booth that he had a twin brother, who died. 1. Paula-Ann Bland (Claire). S10, Ep22. E2 are having their Drama class in the cloakroom and it smells of cigarettes. Ant Jones can't keep away from Grange Hill. Chrissy tells Miss Booth whats happened and they negotiate with the designers. Prior to his fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Kendall completed his residency at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago, where he also served as Chief Resident. Pain Medicine Specialists Nearby by Procedures, Pain Medicine Specialists Nearby by Conditions, Anthem Pathway X Tier Hosp HealthKeepers DirectAccess VA, Anthem Pathway X Tiered Hospital and Dental Prime MRF. Mr Bronson takes charge of a plan to use the Grange Hill radio station to raise money for Mrs Kendall to accompany Danny to hospital in Aberdeen. It would have ruined the plot but couldnt Sam have lived? You were involved with the Just Say No campaign; what are your memories of this? All rights reserved. Whilst doing donkey rides around the park, Gonch and Hollo get chased by park keepers. Jackie tells Zammo's mum that Zammo is over the drugs because he threw his heroin away. Ziggy starts collecting chalk for the fake Duke of Edinburgh award invented by Gonch. Jon Snow (not the newsreader) died recently. Who was zammos girlfriend in Grange Hill? Ronnie decides to ride a motorbike to school with disasterous consequences. Several other Grange Hill boys join in and the St. Josephs boys run off, they promise to come back the next day with their friends to have another fight. Ziggy and Robbie are sent out of the pool for messing about, so they go to the changing rooms and take what appear to be Imelda's clothes. Mr Bronson is given a kis-o-gram as a going away present. Ant's having trouble finding Georgina because of Imelda. His death was an elaborate plotwho do you think the graffiti artist Banksy is. Incredibly distressing even though no one had. Very different, quite intense, but as I was found dead, it was also quite passive. Instinctively we are both outside the mainstream, not always by choice but just through choosing our own path, and generally being socially mystified, as I call it! Mark Burdis (Stewpot) 8. Zammo is cashing a dodgy pension at the post office for Tamsin when he sees Banksie. Gonch takes Ziggy's letter from the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, since Ziggy hasn't arrived yet, and decides to make it more interesting, by telling him that Prince Philip himself will visit and that he wants him to collect as much chalk as possible. Tegs brother comes home, Mr. Bronson's car breaks down, Danny Kendall gets off to a bad start and Clark's new paper round is beset with difficulties. They were surprised I would suggest killing off my own character! They need him to record an introduction to the new radio station. The Webb's aunt is moving in and Laura and Mrs Reagan go and meet her. Dr. Kendall has long been interested in the field of pain management and finds his chosen career to be deeply rewarding. Who did you get on well with from the cast? Miss Booth wants Danny to be involved in a new project painting the community centre wall. [], Dr Kendall is fantastic and the staff are all very knowledgeable and friendly. Fay Lucas Annette Firman Jonah Jones Belinda Zowkowski Julie Marchant Diane Cooney Jackie Wright Cheryl Webb Zammo McGuire Roland Browning Jimmy Flynn Kevin Baylon Banksy Banks, Zammo McGuire (Boyfriend) Banksy Banks (Ex-Boyfriend), Third Year (Series 7) Fourth Year (Series 8) Fifth Year (Series 9) Lower 6th (Series 10). This article about a British television actor born in the 1970s is a stub. For a 12-13 year old it was mind blowing and enormous fun and it does change your life. Julia feels guilty and apologizes to Laura. The tenth series of the British television drama series Grange Hill began broadcasting on 6 January 1987, before ending on 27 March 1987 on BBC One. It was the most amazing experience, and I got to meet so many interesting, lovely people among the cast, crew and viewers. As an actor I had hoped there would be a bit more to it than being found dead in a car mysteriously, but I know it had a big impact on the audience. I had a chance to get into the TV production side of things, which I inexplicably turned down. Hip-hop not really, though the DJing was interesting. Initially Karen Ford (Miss Booth) in particular, who was so welcoming, knowledgeable, and kind with a first time actor and no doubt deeply annoying teenager! Not for one moment. Mrs. McClusky is angry at Mr. Bronson for the rulebook, Danny Kendall's return sparks a new feud with St Joseph, and Trevor finally pushes Mr. Scott too far. At a local caf, Mrs Reagan asks her daughter and Julia to investigate Louise Webb's family. Sorry it is still too soon to talk about this one. Gut-wrenching. Danny enters the logo competition under the name "Eamon McClusky". Vince gets a new tie. Helen finds out from George in Harriet's stable that Ant hasn't been going into St Joseph's often as he says the other pupils are snobbish. However, when they are ready to leave, Imelda is dressed and the clothes are actually Jane's. Final appearances: Zammo McGuire, Jackie Wright, Steven Banks, Roland Browning, Fay Lucas, Paul Holloway, Ant Jones, Mr Kennedy, Mr Scott, Miss Partridge and more. Ant has a heart to heart with Georgina, who can't leave Imelda's Terrorhawks gang without danger. Imelda arrives and promptly stamps on it and Ziggy pushes her into a fountain. It was this feud that lead to a final showdown with Danny stealing Mr Bronsons car, before being found dead inside it, in one of childrens televisions most shocking scenes. Mr Bronson catches Ant and gives him 500 lines. It was my idea strangely. Cleaver attempts to provoke Mr Scott again and is almost punched for his behaviour. It consists of twenty-four episodes. E2's math lesson is being covered by Mrs McClusky. When they finally find the right place, it is a huge disappointment and they head home. In addition, he conducts seminars instructing physicians on how to perform advanced SCS procedures and is regularly consulted on challenging cases. Don't miss out on the biggest soaps gossip! Zammo and Fay aren't happy that they aren't in the same classes as their former year as they have been put back a year. Mrs McClusky and Mr Baxter put a plan in place to save Miss Partridge - by handing in their resignation if the whole matter isn't dropped. Now, I believe (hope) he would be diagnosed with ADHD and supported properly with his talents and ambitions. Gonch, Hollo and Savage continue to scare Cleaver with their "ghost". The dinner lady refuses to serve Imelda chips. Julia Glover tells her bossy dad that she's going to stay with Laura's dad with Laura when they are actually off to an all-night party. Both Mrs McClusky and Mr Griffiths are anxious about what will happen to Harriet. She went on to appear in The Bill, Baywatch and had a role in 1993 film Dirty Weekend. He made his first appearance in episode 1 of series 8 and made his final appearance in episode 24 of series 10 . Pain Medicine. Perry uses his personal alarm to attract attention, but it is Jackie who comes to their aid and she sees a banner for the party. (Its been referenced in several TV shows like Spaced etc). The ninth series of the British television drama series Grange Hill began broadcasting on 7 January 1986, and ended on 1 April 1986 on BBC One. Preparations for the Hollywood themed Prom commence as pupils and teachers dress up as Hollywood stars. Danny Kendall thinks an out of bound room is a good place for a smoke but it's already occupied. Zammo doesn't speak in his exam and the examiner isn't impressed with him. Georgina is in trouble with Imelda for going to Louise's party without her or Helen. What have you been doing since you left Grange Hill? Danny starts on the speaking wall and Mr Griffiths isn't happy. Erkan Mustafa (Roland) Erkan appeared as Roland Branning for six years, and turned the once bullied youth into one of the shows most famous and inspirational characters. Erkan (Roland) of course is the social glue that binds the whole cast even now and was always the first to greet someone new such a good bloke. They asked me if Id be interested in coming back for Series 12 but I was worried about imminent school exams. Ziggy figures out that Harriet is going to be living on the school grounds. Georgina's been getting weird notes from an admirer, and Trevor keeps losing his beer. It was his school bag it had a couple of books in it. Gonch sees Mandy in a new light on the Isle of Wight trip. Danny Kendall (1986-1989) - Jonathan Lambeth Arriving in Series 9, Danny Kendall became Grange Hill's most iconic anti-hero. Ziggy and Rob redo their banner in the Art Room, and end up flooding it. Ziggy and Robbie spot Ant and try to make a citizen's arrest. Preferred Provider badge recognizes providers that are committed to transparency, responsiveness and great service to patients, and have earned a high patient satisfaction rating. She was the wind beneath Bette Midlers wings! Ziggy and Rob try to paint a flag "Ziggy Greaves was here" in the Art Room but get found out and get in trouble for not asking permission. Mrs McClusky sees Gonch and his friends with the books and tells them all to write an essay on the book on the top of their piles. He persuades Ant to apologize for pushing Mr Bronson. Adding insult to injury, he didnt even get to die in Brookside, but in lame spin-off Damon and Debbie instead. Imelda, Sharon and Helen go after Georgina, who is alone. Incredibly distressing even though no one had fancied him. Robbie tells Ziggy he saw bodies in an open crypt and they decide to go back there. In Harriet's stable, Rob says to Ziggy how unhappy he is that her sister is marrying Zammo the "pig". The radio station room takes shape. Paul was a member of the original Grange Hill cast, playing Anthony Underwood. Still on the canal trip, it emerges that Mr Scott was in a tent very close to the Gonch's, Ziggy's, Rob's and Trevor's army tent all along to keep an eye on them. Episode 10 - Rumours spread about the death of Danny Kendall. The Sixth Formers get a new common room. There are some new faces at Grange Hill and some changes. Roland expresses concern to Mr McClusky about the state of the common room. Mr Griffiths find a lot of bottles outside the school entrance. Zammo tips out his bag in an order to convince he is clear, but when Jackie picks up his calculator, Zammo gets cross and over-protective of his calculator. Robbie Wright comes to school with a pierced ear. It is a half-term holiday and Robbie and Ziggy go to London. 4. Meanwhile, Mr Griffiths is measuring the shed and buying timber. The match is a draw and Gonch is forced to play all bets. Ant continues to feel on the outside of things as Grange Hill pupils continue to ignore him for injuring Ziggy. Jack Bauer had the worlds most terrible day trying to protect his family, and his reward is a dead wife? He serves on the National Physician Advisory Board for Advanced Bionics as a thought leader on best practices for spinal cord stimulation (SCS) technology in clinical medicine. Write by: . Candidates to edit the Fanzine are voted in, and Danny Kendall tries to persuade Ant Jones that an apology to Mr. Bronson would be a good idea. 10 Jan. 1986. Cleaver discovers Savage's den and trashes it causing Savage to start a fight in the dining hall. Since leaving Paul has racked up numerous film and TV credits. Mrs McClusky tells Mr Griffiths about the stables Harriet is staying at is closing down and Ziggy suggests Harriet stays at the school. I asked if I could have a light schedule and they said that would be hard to script. Ricky (Ant) and Alison (Louise) also got parts via the same drama teacher, though we hadnt met prior to GH. after you get irritated with someone you feel guilty, lois smith daughter,