We are a global lighting manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in making lighting to order, right here in Great Britain. The Great British Lighting Company (formerly Cosalt Lighting) can trace its roots back to the beginning of the last century, and proudly continues an unbroken history of design and manufacturing excellence in lighting production.


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Our capabilities are limitless, so whether it’s design, restoration or reproduction of bespoke lighting you’re looking for, our design team will utilise the latest technology, coupled with expert craftsmanship, to manufacture bespoke lighting solutions to meet your exacting specification. It is our absolute commitment to quality manufacturing that really sets us apart from the competition and enables us to offer a range of unique and high quality services to our clients.
Our website can only show you a fraction of our capabilities, however we have an archive of over 35,000 products, so if you do not see what you require please contact our sales team.
The Past
Based in Fleetwood, Lancashire, (in the North West UK), our business was built around the provision and maintenance of the town’s famous trawler fleet. The company quickly established a reputation among the wider fishing community for its range of oil burning navigation lamps, designed and built to withstand the harshest of elements during long trips to inhospitable waters.

The range of products grew and developed to encompass domestic and decorative gas lighting. High profile commissions were received from some of the finest homes and public buildings in the region, further enhancing the company’s profile. The advent of the new electric light technology was arguably one of the most exciting times for the business, heralding the introduction of a wealth of fabulous designs and making lighting the ‘must have’ product of its day.

The Present
Today, only a few steps from the original workshops on the dockside, a purpose-built factory is the modern setting for Great British Lighting’s unique blend of experience, traditional craft skills and 21st century technology. We have retained our character and independence and created a strong commercial base from which to serve our ever-widening client base.

Our commitment to manufacturing ensures that almost all of our traditional designs from the last century are still available today. By retaining these rare skills we have been able to play our part, not only in sensitively restoring many of our country’s landmark buildings to their former glory, but also in exciting new environments such as theme parks, entertainment and hospitality venues.

The Future
Looking to the future we recognise that over the years we have played a small part in making our environment a little brighter. We are proud to work with leading architects and designers around the world to create new lighting designs, which we hope will further enrich our understanding of our craft and ensure the survival of traditional lighting manufacturing techniques for the benefit of future generations.