Traditional craft skills are fast disappearing due to pressures exerted by high-volume manufacturers in low cost countries, but at Great British Lighting we are committed to upholding tradition and history.


historical reproduction
Our approach to historical lighting reproduction and manufacturing combines a range of traditional craft skills and a modern production environment, creating total flexibility in our operation and enabling us to handle small batch and one-off production, in addition to larger volumes.

historical reproduction

We work in a wide range of materials to reproduce historical light fixtures, including aluminium, brass, copper, wrought iron, stainless steel, timber and glass. With such a range of flexible skills, we have consequently been able to apply our expertise to many historical ‘non-lighting’ ‘commissions, such as ecclesiastical and architectural metalwork, door furniture, leaded lights and stained glass windows.

Whilst we are rightly proud of our historical reproduction and manufacturing traditions, in the design and pre-production process it is technology that lies at the heart of our business. Sophisticated Computer Aided Design (CAD) allows us to provide clients with accurate visual representations of their creations, simplifying the approvals process, removing the need for costly prototypes and accelerating the lead-time from concept development to final production.

light reproduction

Great British Lighting has a dedicated and knowledgeable team that can research, design, develop, advise and inspire. Our sales and technical staff will work with you to ease the often conflicting challenges of architecture, style, reliability, lead times and budgets, ensuring that your reproduction lighting is historically accurate and delivered to specification.

Great British Lighting are proud to provide apprenticeships and training for our own staff, and work closely with other like-minded artisans and craftsmen to support small and specialist foundries, pattern makers, glassmakers and blowers. This enables us to deliver the finest quality historical lighting reproductions in the world.